Tekuye Cosmetics

An advanced clinic for facial and body treatments, hair removal, tattoo removal, and plasma treatments.

Tekuye Cosmetics

An advanced clinic for facial and body treatments, hair removal, tattoo removal, and plasma treatments.

Facial and Body Treatments

Deep cleansing, treatment for pigmentation/acne/anti-aging, morning microdermabrasion, phototherapy combined with innovative and advanced equipment.

Hair Removal

An advanced, fast, painless method, suitable for all skin tones, with results noticeable from the first treatment.

Tattoo Removal

The most advanced innovative laser technology in the world, suitable for treating all skin tones.

Plasma Treatments

Treatment for removal of skin tags (DPN) is tailored for Fitzpatrick skin types 4-6, suitable for dark skin tones, without blemishes and pain. A rejuvenating treatment for anti-aging purposes.

About Us

Tekuye Cosmetics is a success in the field of cosmetics and beauty.

While Tekuya knew and experimented with the existing technologies, she developed new treatment methods for facial treatments, and for solving dark skin issues.
Tekuya has become a leader in its field in Israel with a unique brand of products for dark skin sold only through the clinic’s branches or its official website.
The brand includes diverse products such as moisturizing cream with sun filters, lightening gel, creams for dry and oily skin, prevent Wetning and other products that will help your skin look younger, more radiant and healthier than ever.

Our Products

Personalized Products

Learning to recognize you and your skin, it tailors the most precise products for your specific skin type.

Approved by the Ministry of Health

All products on the website are under supervision and approved by the Ministry of Health.

Active Products

Products that will help your skin look younger, more radiant, and healthier than ever before, while also delivering results and solutions for a variety of skin issues.

Customers Recommend Us

השירות בקליניקה מדהים תמיד, זמינים לכל שאלה/הסבר וראיתי תוצאות מהירות בגלל המקצועיות והמסירות של הצוות החם והקשוב! ממליצה בחום על הקליניקה הנעימה והמקצועית!
את אלופה! הכי טובה, מקצועית, יחס אישי, חם ואוהב. כיף להגיע לקליניקה שלך ולצאת ממך זוהרת, קורנת ומאושרת. רק אצלך רואים תוצאות מדהימות כבר מהטיפול הראשון. תודה לך על מה שאת ומי שאת זכיתי והכבוד הוא לי להיות מטופלת שלך אלופה!
רינת סנבטו
תודה רבה רבה לך! בזכותך יש לי פנים חלקות!! אין עליך תודה רבה ומעריכה אותך מאוד!

Personalized Treatment

Precise diagnosis is indeed the first step towards proper treatment! Conducting an anamnesis interview holds significant importance for determining the treatment type, approach, and precise device customization for you.

Excellent Service

Each of our clients receives personalized attention and close guidance from the TEKUYE CLINIC team throughout the entire process.

Secure Payment

A secured website ensuring the protection of our customers’ information. We implement the highest global standards of security for the information you share with us.

Fast Shipping

Delivery to the customer’s doorstep within 3 to 4 business days, excluding Fridays, Saturdays, and holidays. International customers can expect delivery between 7 to 14 business days.
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