Laser hair removal


The shave and tweezers were replaced by wax, and today, even wax removal of the material before laser hair removal, which is the most innovative hair removal solution. Unlike other hair removal methods, laser treatment comes with a wide range of advantages. And some lonely clinics in the country embrace this technique and offer laser hair removal. One of these is the TEKUYE CLINIC Center, which has a team of experts who are responding to an attempt to offer laser hair removal solutions. 

Laser hair removal technology has progressed dramatically in recent years, and many methods give excellent results but the success of laser hair removal depends on hair growth characteristics and especially skin color. While some hair types respond well to a particular type of laser, other types require a laser or other technique. Our professionals can determine which method is best suited to the needs and personal characteristics of each customer.”

What's laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a process in which hair follicles are destroyed. A laser beam is placed on the skin, creating heat and destroying the root of the hair. This method has a long-term effect, with gradual hair loss occurring over time. Unwanted hair can be removed from any part of the body using this method, including legs, armpits and the bikini line.

We at TEKUYE CLINIC offer you a professional test to determine the type and severity of the request and a detailed consultation to help you choose the best care for yourself. The treatments will take place in the most advanced technology today.

Is it the same process for everyone?

The number of applications required to remove custom laser hair. People change in their properties, which matches the number of treatments required. Skin color, type and hair color, thickness, density and size. Plus, your body has periods where only some hair grows. Many times it takes a number of sessions to eliminate all follicle in a specific area of your body.

How many treatments does it take?

In order to achieve the best outcome, we recommend a minimum of 6 treatments at 3-4 weeks intervals. Laser hair removal is not suitable for all skin types: People with rosacea and high blood pressure should not be treated with lasers. In general, we recommend that you start slowly with 2-3 treatments, then proceed with your final goal. First you start with a free consultation call in the clinic, and then we can adjust the best treatment for you, schedule a counseling call today.

Are there any side effects to treatment?

Laser treatments are the most popular form of hair removal. Laser hair removal is a safe procedure, although there may be some minor side effects during or immediately after the process. The side effects can move between penetraating hairs, which occur when hair grows beneath the surface of the skin, to redness, swelling, and temporary skin exfoliating. Some people experience temporary hyperpigmentation (dark skin), which can appear anywhere from week to six months after treatment. If you have any questions about laser hair removal, talk to your doctor before you undergo treatment.

What are the results?

The effects of laser hair removal are over time. The hair can take weeks or months to grow back, and in any subsequent session, the hair takes a lot longer to reappear. And even when the hair grows back, it’s much thinner and thinner than it used to be.

Eventually, you’ll find that you’re hairless and it’s one of the most useful parts of using laser technology to get rid of the hair on your body.

So your first step is to appeal to an expert who can guide you.

Call TEKUYE CLINIC and schedule a free consultation today.
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