Tekuye Malasa is a professional cosmetologist, developing a personalized product line, and owning two advanced clinics in Tel Aviv and Rehovot.

Tekuye began her journey in the field of cosmetics in 2007.
Over time, she developed the ability to provide tailored professional treatments and find solutions for all skin types, particularly for darker skin tones. Additionally, she has demonstrated proven experience in managing an expanding team and conducting professional work with customers of diverse skin types.
"My goal is to restore the glow to people's facial skin and put a smile back on their lips. I believe that when you feel good about how you look, you can feel good about everything else in your life."

Tekuye’s journey

Tekuye is a professional in the field of cosmetics from 2007. At the beginning of her career, she was involved in the marketing of health products and natural cosmetics, and throughout the period she learned and expanded her knowledge in the world of cosmetics, facial treatments, aesthetics and care.
After years of training and extensive experience, Tekuye discovered that there was a critical lack of a treatment envelope adapted to the dark skin tone, therefore in order to bring about a change in the therapeutic and cosmetic world, Takuya went with her passion and decided to take this issue one step further.
She established the first and unique clinic in the city of Rehovot. She then decided to open another and accessible clinic in Tel Aviv.
Tekuye didn’t stop there after five years specializing in Fitzpatrick 4-6 (dark skin tone) treatment methods and after years of research and hard work developing unique treatment methods and quality product line with more active ingredients for facial treatments especially for dark skin tones each product has been comprehensively tested approved by Ministry of Health today products are proven to be good effective for skin care restoration too Tekuye has expanded set skills areas practice hair removal laser tattoos skin renewal restoration laser tattoo removal training courses professional courses on clinic treatments.


At TEKUYE CLINIC, you will receive personal attention and close supervision from the introductory meeting to the stage when your glow returns to your face. The teams at the clinic consist of qualified and professional beauticians, expert therapists, and office managers for meeting management. All of them were selected with tweezers according to parameters of proven experience, knowledge, training at the highest level, all in order to ensure a team that will provide a professional and personal boutique service.
Tekuye refreshes and enriches its professional knowledge and that of its staff on an ongoing basis, and at the clinic you will enjoy a wide range of professional cosmetic and aesthetic services and advanced technological devices as well as a line of unique Tekuye products that are coordinated for you.

Tekuye Cosmetic customers enjoy a wide range of advanced treatments:

Facial treatments: acne, pigmentation, anti-aging, beauty treatments, phototherapy, Mesotherapy.

Treatments with advanced technological equipment:
removal of DPN lesions (keratosis pilaris), laser hair removal (hair removal), Potona laser tattoo removal (tattoo removal), Dr. Skin MP4 for firming renewal

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