Package with 5 products for lightening spots and post-acne spots treatment

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A treatment package to lighten spots and post-acne spots.

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The package include:

  • Cleansing foam soap – balances the fat levels in the skin and allows the active ingredients to easily penetrate deep into the skin without harming the skin’s natural moisture.
  • Multi-Treat whitening gel   – A special and concentrated therapeutic gel intended for the treatment of stains. Has a double action of skin lightening substances as well as substances that gently ‘remove’ the top layer of the skin including the dead cells. Leaves new, healthier skin with an even tone.
  • Prevent whitening cream – A preparation for lightening spots and renewing the skin. Reduces the production of melanin and prevents the transfer of melanin from the melanocytes to the cells, breaks down melanin present in the inventions to accelerate the skin renewal process in the epidermal layer
  • Protection and moisturizer SPF25/50 – Sunrun damage and UVB damage as well as UVA aging damage contains the skin that soothes the skin and anti-oxidants that provide immediate protection against any damage that may be caused by sun exposure/blue light rays from the screens.
  • Essential daily moisturizer for oil skin – Very essential to soothing oily skin and balances the skin/ moisturizer to normal to dry skin – restores the natural moisture of the skin by using smart humidity. It has been shown to enhance the moisture in the skin by 25%more. Fixes and renews the skin and gives it maximum moisture.
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Kit for lightening post-acne spots for oily skin, Kit for lightening post-acne spots for dry skin


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